About Freedom Pictures

The Freedom Pictures Media Group consists of three divisions, development, production and television and is owned and operated by mature industry experienced and successful professionals.

Based in London England, The Group’s objective is developing a range of quality projects for cinema and television exploitation with strong international sales potential through Freedom Pictures Development Division. After development and packaging, Freedom Pictures Production Division will be in a position to finance a large proportion, up to sixty percent, of the project’s production budget.

The Freedom Pictures Media Group currently have six feature films that are developed and ready for production, the first of which Buffalo Head Smash will go into production in the Autumn of 2013 in Canada.

Freedom Pictures Development Division is funded from the media group to develop commercial films and television programs for International release and broadcasting. Besides the current properties, the company will develop up to ten further film projects over the first five year period.

Film Projects

Freedom Pictures Production Division has an existing slate of feature film projects that are at various stages of packaging and are scheduled to be produced over the next five years.

Buffalo Head Smash – Comedy, writers Rik Carmichael and John Hay is scheduled for production Autumn 2013 in Canada and will be directed by John Hay.

Pig’s Delight. Romantic Comedy set in Ireland.

Mr Nobody’s Eyes. A 1945 period adventure of a young man set in England adapted from the Michael Morpurgo Book.

The Whisper of Angels. Mystically enchanting contemporary romance of three friends set in England.

Black Death. Physiological thriller of a family trying to survive the 1665 Plague in the centre of London.

The Spirit of Ecstasy. Period action romantic drama of the passionate life of a young woman and her impact in the man’s world of 1900.

TV Projects


Freedom Pictures is at present developing a series of programs and educational DVD/Videos on the subject of e-Health and Telemedicine. There will be an hour long high quality documentary on the subject for International Television, a series of half hour programs detailing individual applications of e-Health, a half hour corporate introduction to e-health using animation with live action and a “ Fly on the Wall” series studying over the period of a year consumers dealing with the new concepts and delivery of medicine.

The series is in association with the UK e-Health Association and the EEC e-Health Implementation Committee.

Starting Summer 2013:

Africa Child, a twenty-four part healthcare television series to be shown throughout Africa by South African Broadcasting. The series of 30 minute TV programmes will take the format of a twice monthly “ Magazine Program” containing an animated “ African Soap Opera healthcare demonstrations, quizzes, musical interludes and local news and events pertinent to the broadcast area. In the year that the West is now addressing the urgent needs of the African Continent, the series is scheduled to be developed and production start from the summer 2013.

The production will take place using the facilities of the South African Broadcasting Corp and the programmes will be shown continent wide in a number of languages.

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